HMBS is a firm that builds niche solutions for Small medium enterprises. The solutions are designed to put the SMEs on an equal footing with their larger counterparts in the market place. Sampath Kasirajan, the managing director of HMBS , the chief architect of HYDRA ACI Framework plays an active role in setting the strategic direction, blue print for implementing the projects and presenting the business case to clients on the supply side and buy side.


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He, a chartered accountant by qualification, is a first generation entrepreneur based at Karur. He built Sabare International Ltd, a mini multinational textile company and ran it for 20 years with Rs 300 Crores of sales at its peak, leveraging an innovative business model that offered  complete "end to end" solutions in textiles and apparel for global customers and Fourtune 500 Retailers.  Sabare's model introduced a paradigm shift in serving global brands as it addressed both  cost efficiencies and value creation from a customer stand point.  He ran world class factories in different parts of India, USA and China that upscaled his position to that of a strategic vendor with likes of  Fortune 500 Retailers  such as  Walmart, Ikea, Target, H &M  to name a few.  His  long stint as a strategic partner coupled with the history of building and running world class textile plants across the world has endowed him with a rich knowledge and understanding of global trade, resources  and systems that drive them.  As the past  Secretary of the powerful Karur Exporters Association and Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industries ( CII ) Karur Chapter.   he has played a stellar role in shaping the textile destiny of the region.


He is an   MBA by  qualification and a certified Value Link Analyst. He specializes in Cluster Development, Value Chain engineering, Supply Chain Management, Process Automation and IT Enablement. He is the chief architect of the HYDRA ACI Framework which addresses the Economic dimension of  SME Clusters and their development process.  He has handled several developmental work in this space for UN Agencies such as ITC  , Geneva and  has also  been involved in some of the GIZ, Germany projects such as Regional Integration of Value Chains  across  the SAARC  countries, rebuilding of the Silk and Cashmere Value chains in Afghanistan .  He was  also a mentor on the panel of IIC – International Innovation Core Instituted by University of Chicago ( 2014 and 2015)  and he   engages actively with academic institutions, Centres of Excellence  and R&D systems  to institutionalize the Hydra ACI framework. 


He is a mechanical engineer by qualification and  a first generation entrepreneur based at Karur. He built Synthesis Home Textiles, which is now a  decade old enterprise with a turnover of Rs.125 crores, over ,  dealing with  global customers and Fourtune 500 Retaliers like Kohls supported by an extensive  marketing network  in the  USA. HIs understanding of operations at a process level , interntaional marketing  and trends  stem from his decade long experience in building  Synthesis ground up.  He was the past chairman of Confederation of Indian Industries ( CII ) Karur Chapter.


He is a management graduate and a  textile entrepreneur  from  Karur. He runs A Tex, an established textile company which has been  in existence for over  30 years doing business with some of the well known brands in the Western Markets.He  long history in textiles puts him in a unique position of knowing the sector's trade cycles &  market factors  that have a direct bearing on business outcomes.   He was  also  past chairman of Confederation of Indian Industries ( CII ) Karur Chapter and secretary of Karur Exporters Association.