KAY'S History

The Indian textile industry riding on a robust and stable economic growth needs manufacturing systems that are well geared to take advantage of the multi dimensional expansion that is being witnessed in the sector at present. The Indian textile sector being what it is with spatially fragmented and disintegrated capacities coupled with low levels of business technologies is in need of interventions that are aligned to emerging global standards, customer expectations, retail formats and market dynamics. While large enterprises are better placed at bridging the gaps to jump levels, it is the MSMEs in the industry who face the threat of being left out of this new growth story that is unfolding. Historically speaking, this gap always existed at any point in time as the evolutionary strains have never been fast enough for MSMEs to draw level with their larger counterparts to take advantage of a ruling market opportunity. If MSMEs, being the backbone of an economy that they are, have to become mainstream and be counted upon then this distortion has to be addressed with a new developmental model..

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